No,I`m not Dead…

April 1, 2010

…just scannerless!I`ve been knocking out oodles and oodles of ink and pen goodness but without a scanner,there`s not much to post about.This is especially a shame since I have about 20 pages done and dusted and I`m bursting to show them to someone.

I`ve also been itching to do a music post so I might just get that done in a few days.*

And I`m hoping to have a small free comic out for Free Irish Comic Day which is coming up next month.

Now;sit back,relax and listen to Ewan MacColl do what he does best,blasting out a favourite of mine:

*APRIL FOOLS!It should read:”…so I might just get that done by the end of the year,amirite.LOLOLOLOL”