June 25, 2010

Here’s a few pages from my latest opus,scanned by Phil “Blackshapes” Barrett.

You wouldn’t know it from the blog,but I’m a very busy mutha at the moment.I’ve been chipping away at TWO graphic novels,a gag panel or two,and a possible adventure strip!I know what you’re thinking:

F~#kin hell,Luke.You’re amazing.How are you not dead from exhaustion,you stud?

But I’ve been working like a machine since the Junior Cert finished with an average of about two pages a day.And it’s not that I’ve been drawing all day,it’s just that I’ve been knocking out pages in no time because I just work with pen and ink.No honky tonk pencilling nonsense for me.

Anyhoo,these pages are from a small graphic novel about a fictional Irish writer in the rare aul times who’s forced to leave the country because his books are banned because they’re durty shtuff,altogether.He leaves in the hopes of finding some sort of freedom in London.Hilarity ensues…well,no.Depressing nonsense ensues.

These pages aren’t in order and so you’re not going to be able to “read” them,really.I only gave a few select pages to Phil to scan,not the whole book.


4 Responses to “NEW PAGES!”

  1. Kyle said

    Great stuff Luke, when do you reckon it’ll be finished?

    And what’s it like being the sole hope of the next generation of Irish comics?

    • Hopefully it’ll be done and dusted before September(I started last Saturday and I’m nigh on 10 pages in).That said,I’m also chipping away at another book as well ,which may slow things down.But I’m aiming for September.

      And I’m not so sure about the “sole hope” comment.There was a young lad called Gavin at the 2D Festival in Derry who drew me a sketch of his Extremo Man character in exchange for a Batman sketch.I’d keep my eyes on Gavin,if I were you(well,don’t keep your eyes on him for too long,because he’s only young and you’ll look like a paedo…)

  2. Cliodhna said

    Kyle already looks like a peado, have you not seen his hair?


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