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July 14, 2010

I have a brand spanking new scanner beside me and I’ve been scanning like a madman for the past few hours.

Here’s a few more pages from the same book as the last post and a few from the other book I’m working on at the moment.One of them was scanned by Phil Barrett and the rest were scanned by yours truly.

…I’ve been in bits since I learned Harvey Pekar was dead.I always wanted to meet him and shake his hand.I really can’t say anymore than what I scribbled on Facebook when I first learned of his death:

R.I.P Harvey Pekar.
Voice of the American working class.He wore a strike t-shirt on Letterman’s show,adapted Stud Terkel’s “Working” into a comic,adapted the history of the Students for a Democratic Society into a comic,bravely confronted the hush-hush issue of prostate cancer,and wasn’t ashamed to be “just a working stiff”.
Ní fheicimid a leithead arís.

He’ll go down with Ewan MacColl and Woody Guthrie in my mind as someone who documented the lives and hopes of working class communities and people with the kind of sincerity which can’t be faked (or bought).

He’ll be missed.