August 24, 2010

It’s been all quiet on the bloggin front recently,but I’ve been working like a dog.Honest!

Plenty of good old fashioned pen and ink doodles for my two longer projects along with a fair few shorter bits and bobs as well.For instance I’ve been slaving away over a one pager recently with my magic digital drawing machine(it’s the nineties!Get with it!).Well,it should have been a one pager but I ended up drawing eight or so pages.In the end I whittled it down to a sort of sappy page about my main man Oscar Wilde visiting modern day Dublin.I was a bit worried about whether or not it was too much of a risk to assume the reader will just accept that Oscar is walking around in 2010,so I went to philosopher Bobby Byrne for advice and he typed back some sound words of advice: Comics don’t have rules.

True dat.

Anyway,here’s a sneak peek at the Oscar strip…


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