Oscar » Wilde statue

Pen and ink doodle(well,tracing,because I’m a hack) of Oscar’s statue.Scanned in for use in the one pager.


4 Responses to “Wilde statue”

  1. Cliodhna said

    Really love the gesture and energy in the first image, it’s got a great use of negative space as well.

  2. Well it’s not really a full on tracing…
    I traced out a rough version of Oscar’s shape(with no real details)in pencil from a photo.Then I put a sheet of tracing paper over the rough pencils and went straight at it with pen and ink to make sure it didn’t look too traced and lifeless.

    You can tell it’s not a very faithful depiction if you look at the real life statue.I just plain made some shit up.Like the shoes.That’s some sub-Rob Liefield shit going on right there…

  3. Cliodhna said

    I know the statue so knew you hadn’t traced it [or rather I assume a photo of it though I’d have enjoyed seeing you standing up on the statue with a big sheet of tracing paper lol] Had it just been a straight up trace it would be flat and stiff which it isn’t.

    Do you know Kate Beaton’s work? It reminds me a small bit of her work, both images do and she does some really funny Oscar Wilde comics.

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