October 16, 2010

AY-YI-YI…I’m a happy little man.

If you’re in town anytime soon,swing by The Winding Stair or any of these other fine places and pick up the October issue of Punt Magazine.For €2 you get a deaaaaaadly cover by Steve McCarthy, loads of  well written pieces, a fishtful of good illustratin’ by people like Pablo Meyer and Eoin Ryan…and a sappy cartoon by Luke Fallon (a handsome young devil,by all accounts).Liam Geraghty of the Comic Cast did all the Comics editing so buy it and let the man know he did a good job…

Sure what else would you be doing with €2?Well,you could be a nice person and give it to charity…

But if you’ve bought it already and you’re walking around with a fantastic issue of Punt under your arms and you feel guilty about NOT giving the two quid to charity,why not head on over to Smithfield and lend some support to Maser and Damien Dempsey’s excellent They Are Us exhibtion?All the proceeds go to the Simon Community.It ends this Sunday so hurry up

So you can buy Punt and THEN give money to charity in exchange for a nifty Maser/Damo print.


Punt cover by the excellent Steve McCarthy


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