Bits and Bobs

December 14, 2010

Holy Moses.  November just flew right by me. To make up for the lack of stuff, here’s a few bits and bobs to tide you over for the next little while.

I’ve been chipping away as usual at the longer books but in the past month I’ve been working on a tonne of one pagers.  The reason for this is that there’s a certain little comic magazine that I’ve been meaning to do something for for ages now and when the editor got in touch a while back about doing a one-pager, I wanted to really give it socks so I have about ten half finished or roughed out strips done so far for that.

On top of that there’s the usual fecking about which gets in the way, so there hasn’t been much time for the poor aul blog. After Christmas I’ll start posting stuff in a less ramshackle way…..hopefully. I’ve plenty of bookcovers still to put up, as well as a bit of music and an interesting little article or two like the Frans Masereel piece from a few months back, so there’s plenty still to come.

Oh, and be sure to check out Richard from the FPI Blog’s review of the October Anthology, especially the very very very kind words about this mysterious Luke F fella….It’s a very well written and honest review and I am really grateful for the nice words. More of this please, reviewers!


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